Reptiles, Turtles

Snapping Turtle Returned to the Wild

27 Apr , 2018   Gallery

This snapping turtle was found injured on the road near Brookfield, NS. It had a seriously fractured shell and was bleeding. X-rays showed a fractured pelvis but no broken limbs. The shell was stabilized using external stainless steel brackets that were epoxied to the shell on either side of the fractures. She was also over […]


Community Support, Donations, Fundraising

CWRC Wildlife Baby Shower

10 Apr , 2018  

¬≠Baby season is just around the corner and we’re reaching out for donations of items we can use to help support or busy season. There are 2 ways you can support us: (1) On Apr 14 you can bring items from our local wishlist to our table at the Truro Farmers Market (2) We have […]