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Two roadside safety workers rescue young owl in Colchester County

Two members of a roadside safety crew saved the life of an injured young owl in Hilden, N.S., on Tuesday. Will Shelley and Chad Stephens found the owl they call “Lucas” in the ditch. “You could tell it was in distress because it was just hopping around and flopping all over the place,” said Shelley.


How do you rescue a porcupine with 2 holes in her head? Very carefully

When a worried motorist stopped to help a wounded porcupine in Debert, N.S., last weekend, the animal was so weak it fell over when approached. The driver brought the porcupine to the Cobequid Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre south of Truro, N.S. It had two holes in its head, leading staff at the centre to initially believe it had been shot.


N.S. hunters urged to use non-lead ammo as 7th lead-poisoned eagle found

Hunters say it is too difficult to get their hands on non-toxic ammunition in Nova Scotia, even with the push to move away from the lead rounds whose fragments can poison eagles scavenging on the remains of shot animals.


‘My heart just melted’: Road crew rescues injured owl from cold ditch

An injured owl is lucky to be alive after a road crew rescued it from a cold ditch in Upper Stewiacke, N.S. William Shelley and four co-workers were directing traffic during tree-trimming on Tuesday when colleague Chad Stephens spotted the owl. The crew immediately rushed to help the animal, which wasn’t moving much.


Une chouette sauvée par des travailleurs municipaux en N.-É.­

William Shelley et ses quatre collègues taillaient des arbres mardi lorsque l’un d’entre eux, Chad Stevens, a aperçu la chouette frigorifiée. Les cinq hommes ont immédiatement arrêté leurs tâches respectives pour venir en aide à l’oiseau en mauvaise posture. William Shelley raconte qu’ils se sont spontanément mis à lui parler pour le réconforter.


The eagle has landed in Port Morien

Andy Pyke, from left, a wildlife technician with the Department of Natural Resources, and members of the Port Morien Wildlife Association Jeff MacNeil and Stan Peach get paperwork for an eagle carcass given to the association to have mounted by a taxidermist for educational purposes.


Une vétérinaire incite les chasseurs à abandonner les cartouches de plomb


Another Nova Scotia eagle lost to lead poisoning


Snake eyes: Lucky garter snake has infected eyes drained at Cobequid rehab centre


Animal House: Every life matters


Bald eagle shot in Cape Breton fights for its life at rehab centre


Big bald eagle with lead poisoning flies ‘like a jet fighter’ after rehab


Christmas eagle dies from lead poisoning


Get the lead out: Poison ammo and tackle a problem on P.E.I.


Raptor recovery centre to open in Hilden


In pictures: Bald eagle reunites with mate after treatment for lead poisoning


Drunk-looking eagles show the problem of lead-based hunting ammo


2-week-old owl found alone now on road to recovery


Guarding of Eden: Young owl receives loving care at wildlife centre


Pigeons poisoned in Truro


Hunters urged to switch to copper ammo after bald eagle dies of lead poisoning


Local vet performs surgery on snake with infected eyes


P.E.I. women knit nests to help baby birds in N.S.


Knitted, crochet nests put to use at local wildlife rehab centre


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