Free Roaming Cats

A happy indoor cat

Ghog was once a free roaming cat that now remains indoors.

It has been well documented that outdoor cats have negative effects on songbird and small mammal populations. Keeping cats indoors is safer for both the cat and for wildlife. Several international bird conservation organizations have ”cats indoors” campaigns, for information one of these programs, click here.

What an indoor cat misses

  • What an indoor cat misses…
  • Being hit by a car, being stolen,
  • Getting lost
  • Fights with other cats, dogs, skunks, or raccoons,
  • Fleas, worms, ticks
  • Exposure to disease from other cats
  • Possible neighbour complaints
  • Getting collar caught up on something
  • Cruel people mistreating and abusing them
  • Rain, wind, cold temperatures and frostbite
  • Animal traps
  • Accidental or malicious poisoning
  • Fear and Loneliness.

 The Effects of Free Roaming Cats on Wildlife

Poster of animals killed by free roaming domestic cats

A selection of animals admitted to the CWRC that died because of a free roaming domestic cat.