Wish List

The CWRC uses a number of items on a regular basis. Donations of these items are as equally appreciated as monetary donations. We are grateful for all donations.

Amazon.ca Wishlist

We  have a wishlist on Amazon.ca which makes it easy to donate a particular item.

Food Items

As you can imagine, it takes a LOT of food to keep hungry mouths full. Food items are always gladly accepted and put to good use. Items such as eggs, plain yogurt, fresh and frozen fruit, fresh and frozen whole fish, shrimp, seeds, suet, and dog kibble are appreciated. Ziploc bags are used to store food products.

Housing and Bedding

Every critter that comes into care requires an enclosure with appropriate bedding. The CWRC accepts items that can help keep each enclosure as clean and comfortable as possible. Items such as towels, sheets, blankets, pillowcases and newspapers (no flyers please) are used regularly for smaller enclosures. Soft sided, collapsible play pens and reptariums can also be utilized for housing.  Heated water bowls, tip-proof shallow dog dishes and other small dishes are also appreciated. Large tree limbs, shrubbery and fresh cut brush can  be used to mimic a patients natural environment. Corrugated plastic greenhouse panels, hardware cloth and astroturf is used for general maintenance and repairs to existing enclosures.

Cleaning Supplies

Constant cleaning is a big job at the CWRC and for a variety of very good reasons. Unscented laundry detergent, clear garbage bags, paper towels and dawn dishwashing detergent are just a few of the everyday items that the CWRC uses. These items are always appreciated!

Office Supplies

Operating a registered charity and multiple public outreach campaigns require a lot of administrative work, including paperwork. Printer paper, envelopes, postage stamps and toner cartridges for an HP-1018 laserjet printer are always a great donation and certainly put to good use.

Gift Cards

The CWRC frequently purchases supplies from the following stores and always appreciate donations in the form of a gift card.

  • Home Hardware
  • Kent
  • Walkers
  • Canadian Tire
  • Sobeys
  • Superstore
  • Shurgain
  • Coop Farm Store
  • Clarences
  • Staples
  • Home Depot